Best Places to Hide a Spare Key

Best Places to Hide a Spare Key

Having a hard time hiding your spare key? Don’t get troubled. There are lots of good places to hire your duplicate keys, and that is what we’re going to show you today. To help you avoid losing your spare keys and keep them safe, here the experts in give you the best places to store your keys.

Inside your dog’s house 

One of the best and safest ways to hide your keys is by putting it under or inside a dog house. However, you will need to have an aggressive dog for this to work. After all, handling an aggressive dog can be quite a hard task, and no intruders or thieves is going to approach or even take a look at a dog house. Take advantage of this if you own a dog and use your dog house as a hiding place.

Your neighbors 

You can also store your spare keys in your neighbor’s house. You want to pick a neighbor that you really know and trust. It could be a family member, close friend, or your childhood friend. Feel free to ask your neighbors to hold your spare keys before you decide to take a trip away from your house. This will allow you to access your duplicate keys conveniently and will help you get out immediately in case you got locked out at an inconvenient time. Just make sure to return the favor!


While most safes are pretty expensive, they get the job done very well in terms of keeping your keys safe and hidden. However, you might want to place your safe where it can’t be seen easily — like a cabinet, under your bed, or a locked storage room. And if ever thieves or intruders see your safe, they will have a hard time opening it since safes require a special PIN or code to unlock. Some safes are also heavy so thieves might struggle to steal it.

Fake sprinkler head 

You can use a fake sprinkler head to store your spare keys. These products are cheap and they are sold everywhere. It looks like a regular sprinkler head so it will work perfectly if you have sprinklers around your property.


Tired of losing your duplicate keys? These tips can help you avoid misplacing your keys and keeping your spare keys safe and secure from potential dangers.