Different Types of Door Locks

While there are lots of locks out there, keep in mind that not all locks are equal. Whether you’re searching for a lock or you’re just curious and want to find out the different types of door locks we have today, then read on. Below we have provided the things you need to know about the different types of lock. Let’s not wait any longer and tackle it, shall we?


Conventional deadbolts


These locks don’t provide lots of features, but they get the job done very well in securing your door. Most deadbolts are not only affordable but pretty durable as well. However, you may need to spend more to get the high-quality ones.


In addition, conventional deadbolts are often rekeyable, which could help improve your home or office security with little to no effort. And since the majority of deadbolts are single-cylinder locks, you can easily and quickly rekey it without the help of a professional.


Smart locks


When it comes to features, smart locks have many to offer. These can be classified as a modern type of locks. They come with multiple features that deliver convenience. These may include remote control, access logs, voice control, and many more.


But there’s a catch: you will need to have a reliable internet connection and a mobile device to use smart locks, which is no doubt a little expensive. These models definitely add more convenience for all the amazing features it offers.


However, they are not durable enough to prevent forced entry and are also vulnerable to digital hacks. If you have smart locks installed in your office or home, make sure to only give the correct PIN or code to those who you really know and trust to keep your property safe and away from potential dangers such as burglars or intruders. In addition, smart locks are expensive so make sure you have the budget before you decide to install one.


Which lock type fits me best?


Both the smart and deadbolt locks can help increase the safety and security of your home and loved ones. If you are fine with a lock that does not have lots of features but available at a low cost, then a conventional deadbolt lock would fit your needs. If you have the budget and you’re into locks with many features, don’t hesitate to go for a smart lock.