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How Combination Locks Work

Combination Locks

If security is a main concern, some type of lock is required. There are many different locks that you can choose from, but a combination lock is often the best choice. It is time that you learned what a combination lock is exactly and when it is the best option. A combination lock is a bit unique in design, so it important that you know how it works if you want to be able to use it most effectively. If security is a concern, you need to make sure that you are fully informed.

Wheel Pack

One component of a combination lock is a wheel pack. This is something that comes standard on all combination locks. This means that if you are using a combination lock of any type, you can be sure that it has a wheel pack. A wheel pack is a set of wheels that work together to know the combination that will unlock the lock. This means that this type of lock also features a dial that is attached to a spindle. It is not a combination lock if it does not have these components. Knowing the combination is something that is required if you want the ability to unlock a combination lock.


It is important that you know the combination in order to unlock this type of lock. The combination is a sequence of numbers that can be achieved by spinning the dial on the lock. This means that one rotation around the dial is one number. You just continue the combination until you have put in all the numbers. If you use all the numbers in the right sequence, you will be able to unlock the lock using a combination. This means that the only way that you are able to unlock this lock is to know what the combination is or to have the ability to guess it correctly. One thing to note that is guessing a combination for this lock type is not easy, so it is a lock that is very secure.


This type of lock can be used in many different instances, but it is most often used as a lock for lockers. This means that people using a locker of any type often attach a combination lock to the locker toe ensure that it is secure. As long as you know the combo, you can unlock the lock.

Ways to Repair a Jammed Door Lock

A well-maintained door lock can keep you safe and protected from potential dangers such as intruders or burglars. However, if your lock is filled with dust, particles, and other things that could jam your lock, don’t expect it to function properly and protect you and your loved ones. Fortunately, you can easily fix a jammed lock within a few minutes using common household items. If you don’t want to spend lots of money to repair or replace your jammed lock, then read on. Here are some ways to repair your jammed door lock.

Use a key extractor

Using a key extractor is one of the best and safest ways to fix your jammed locks. These products are affordable and easy to use. They commonly come with an instruction so you should not have a hard time using it.

However, you want to make sure that you follow all the steps properly or you’ll only cause more harm than good to your locks. Thoroughly read the instruction and have all the required tools ready before you proceed to avoid making mistakes during the extraction process.

Lubricate your locks

Not lubricating your locks is bad. After all, it’s very important to lubricate your locks at least once or twice a year if you want them to work properly and last for years. Lubricating locks can help remove all the dirt, dust, and particles inside your lock.

These particles are what typically caused your locks to jam, and you want to remove them for your locks to function smoothly. Thankfully, you can easily unjam your locks by simply lubricating it on a regular basis.

And when lubricating locks, make sure to use the right lubricant to achieve the best result. You will need to spray the lubricant evenly to eliminate all the debris inside the lock. To make it easier for you to lubricate your locks, just insert a key and try to jiggle it.

Disassemble the lock

If you are having a hard time cleaning your jammed locks, try to disassemble it first. You’ll be able to easily and quickly clean the inside mechanism of your lock if it is not installed on your door. However, this method can be a little difficult and confusing, especially if you don’t know how to disassemble locks.

There are many ways to repair a jammed door lock. Use these tips as a guide to make it a lot easier for you to fix your clogged locks.

Ways to Repair a Jammed Door Lock

Simple Lock Repair: Beginner’s Guide

Simple Lock Repair: Beginner’s Guide

So you’re dealing with faulty and broken locks but don’t have any idea how to fix them? You’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, fixing broken locks is really easy — that if you know how to do it right. Below we have provided some ways that will allow you to avoid calling a professional and fix your damaged locks by yourself. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Sticky lock lubrication

We can’t deny the fact that we use locks almost every day. And over time, locks tend to become sticky, and that is just normal since they are mechanical. Locks require a little lube in order to function properly and smoothly. You may think that lubricating a lock is as simple as spraying a light oil in the keyhole — that is where you are wrong. You will need to have the right lubricant to keep your locks in good condition.

It is greatly recommended for beginners to use a petroleum-based spray lubricant when it comes to lubricating locks. Fortunately, there are lots of petroleum-based spray lubricant out there, so you should not have a difficult time choosing the right product.

Removing a broken key

Removing a broken key in the lock can be done by everyone. All you need is a plier and you’re good to go. However, you may need to be careful during the whole process or you will cause more harm than good to your lock.

Start by gripping the end of the broken key and it should come off the lock instantly once done right. You may need to jiggle the key back and forth if it is not coming out easily. You should be able to remove the broken key off the lock after a few jiggles.

Doorknob is loose

A loose doorknob could cause lock problems, especially if not repaired immediately. Typically, all you need to is to simply tighten the screws until the doorknob is properly aligned. Inspect everything and look for loose screws. Make sure to check every screw and tighten all loose screws to keep the doorknob secure.

No matter how well you take care of your locks, there’s a time that an issue will occur. Above will help you figure out the main source of common lock problems and how to solve them.

Best Places to Hide a Spare Key

Best Places to Hide a Spare Key

Having a hard time hiding your spare key? Don’t get troubled. There are lots of good places to hire your duplicate keys, and that is what we’re going to show you today. To help you avoid losing your spare keys and keep them safe, here the experts in give you the best places to store your keys.

Inside your dog’s house 

One of the best and safest ways to hide your keys is by putting it under or inside a dog house. However, you will need to have an aggressive dog for this to work. After all, handling an aggressive dog can be quite a hard task, and no intruders or thieves is going to approach or even take a look at a dog house. Take advantage of this if you own a dog and use your dog house as a hiding place.

Your neighbors 

You can also store your spare keys in your neighbor’s house. You want to pick a neighbor that you really know and trust. It could be a family member, close friend, or your childhood friend. Feel free to ask your neighbors to hold your spare keys before you decide to take a trip away from your house. This will allow you to access your duplicate keys conveniently and will help you get out immediately in case you got locked out at an inconvenient time. Just make sure to return the favor!


While most safes are pretty expensive, they get the job done very well in terms of keeping your keys safe and hidden. However, you might want to place your safe where it can’t be seen easily — like a cabinet, under your bed, or a locked storage room. And if ever thieves or intruders see your safe, they will have a hard time opening it since safes require a special PIN or code to unlock. Some safes are also heavy so thieves might struggle to steal it.

Fake sprinkler head 

You can use a fake sprinkler head to store your spare keys. These products are cheap and they are sold everywhere. It looks like a regular sprinkler head so it will work perfectly if you have sprinklers around your property.


Tired of losing your duplicate keys? These tips can help you avoid misplacing your keys and keeping your spare keys safe and secure from potential dangers.

Different Types of Door Locks

While there are lots of locks out there, keep in mind that not all locks are equal. Whether you’re searching for a lock or you’re just curious and want to find out the different types of door locks we have today, then read on. Below we have provided the things you need to know about the different types of lock. Let’s not wait any longer and tackle it, shall we?


Conventional deadbolts


These locks don’t provide lots of features, but they get the job done very well in securing your door. Most deadbolts are not only affordable but pretty durable as well. However, you may need to spend more to get the high-quality ones.


In addition, conventional deadbolts are often rekeyable, which could help improve your home or office security with little to no effort. And since the majority of deadbolts are single-cylinder locks, you can easily and quickly rekey it without the help of a professional.


Smart locks


When it comes to features, smart locks have many to offer. These can be classified as a modern type of locks. They come with multiple features that deliver convenience. These may include remote control, access logs, voice control, and many more.


But there’s a catch: you will need to have a reliable internet connection and a mobile device to use smart locks, which is no doubt a little expensive. These models definitely add more convenience for all the amazing features it offers.


However, they are not durable enough to prevent forced entry and are also vulnerable to digital hacks. If you have smart locks installed in your office or home, make sure to only give the correct PIN or code to those who you really know and trust to keep your property safe and away from potential dangers such as burglars or intruders. In addition, smart locks are expensive so make sure you have the budget before you decide to install one.


Which lock type fits me best?


Both the smart and deadbolt locks can help increase the safety and security of your home and loved ones. If you are fine with a lock that does not have lots of features but available at a low cost, then a conventional deadbolt lock would fit your needs. If you have the budget and you’re into locks with many features, don’t hesitate to go for a smart lock.




The Role of Digital Door Locks In Access Control Systems

Misplacing or losing your keys will never be a problem anymore — that if you have digital door locks. Electronic locks enable individuals to access or exit an area without the need for a key. Yes, you read that right. You don’t need a key to unlock digital locks, so forgetting your keys at home or misplacing it somewhere is not an issue! In addition, digital locks are usually accessed and locked using a PIN code or remotely.


They are commonly used in large institutions such as schools, hospitals, and offices for their convenience and high-security. Digital door locks eliminate the need of having several keys and replacing them if they’re lost or stolen, which could be very expensive and inefficient. Also, electronic locks are easy and fast to install, and they would suit you well if you’re on a budget since they are not expensive.

The benefits of digital door locks 

Believe it or not, electronic locks have many advantages to provide to us. If you’re curious and want to find out what are these benefits we’re talking about, then better read on below to figure out.

They are pick-proof

Digital door locks can’t be picked since they don’t have a place for a key to open or unlock. They can help prevent burglars or unauthorized individuals from entering or breaking-in a property. With electronic locks, you can make your office a better, safer place.

No keys required 

Misplacing your keys can be very frustrating. Fortunately, you don’t have to bring a key in order to access digital door locks. Since electronic locks don’t require keys to be accessed, you don’t have to worry about your keys getting lost or stolen.


You have the power to control who can and who cannot access and exit the building or the areas of a building. You can also control who can access your property or room with a single PIN code, reducing the risk of your things getting stolen. Plus, changing a PIN code is easy and simple.

Visually pleasing 

Most door locks come in stylish appearance that suits any commercial buildings well. Most of them have professional look, making it suitable for small to large businesses.

Without a doubt, electronic door locks can provide an effective access control solution. So, whether your business is small or big, don’t hesitate to install digital door locks as soon as possible. Not only that they can secure your business, they also provide convenience.

Locksmith Scams – How to Avoid Them

Step by step instructions to Stay away from Locksmith Tricks

The Condition of the Business

It’s vital for everybody to know about the unregulated condition of the locksmith business across the country. The whole way across the nation numerous of all shapes and sizes locksmith organizations utilize extremely dishonest and here and their illicit business practices to exploit us, the great and confiding in buyers.

Locksmith Scams

To start with, let me reveal to you what you are up against when you end up needing a locksmith. Despite the fact that numerous locksmith organizations are great and legit, now and again it can be difficult to tell’s who. The purpose behind this is the terrible outfits utilize deluding publicizing strategies to mask themselves as the neighborhood, respectable and sensibly estimated.

Misleading Practices

Here is just a portion of the strategies the deceitful locksmith organizations use to exploit your distress. For instance, envision that you bolt your lone arrangement of keys inside your auto. When you look on the web or in the business directory under locksmith, you will discover numerous promotions with enormous neighborhood telephone numbers and addresses asserting to be nearby. Try not to be misdirected, anyone can get a neighborhood from anyplace and the address may be fake. These organizations promote a wide range of non-exclusive pseudonyms like AA Locksmith or all day, every day locksmith to abstain from assuming liability for their activities. When you call them to search at a cost, some will level out deceive you about their charges and others will endeavor to escape by simply giving you a fractional statement.

For the situation that you coincidentally call such an organization, you won’t know you did to the point that their expert lands to your area. When they arrive, it is likely they are not representatives of the organization, but rather are simply private temporary workers that work on commission. This sub-contractual worker will attempt to charge however much as could be expected and just lower the cost, in the event that it is their final resort. These professionals are typically prepared to lie and hoodwink the client to influence him to feel that the exorbitant cost is ordinary and there is a justifiable reason explanation behind it. So regardless of whether you were told the cost would be $15, $30 or $55, their tech, once there, will endeavor to persuade you that your auto is “uncommon” and the cost to open it is really $120 or even $180. In the event that you decline to pay and instruct them to leave, they are told to attempt to scare you by revealing to you that you need to pay an administration get for them to turn out. Some even debilitate to call the police if unpaid.

Finding a Decent Locksmith

The most ideal method for not getting misled is to call a locksmith organization that you know and trust. Furthermore, I need to accentuate the “know and put stock” partially. Because you utilized somebody before, doesn’t generally mean they are one of the great folks. Much of the time individuals don’t contract locksmiths all the time and when they do they once in a while recollect who they employed a while back. This is the thing that makes the locksmith business the ideal Petri dish for untrustworthy business rehearses.

For the situation, you don’t have a contact number for a decent locksmith and you are simply looking for one, here are some safeguard tips of how to settle on the correct decision:

Fast Exploration – Before you call a locksmith organization, endeavor to Google their name to perceive what comes up about them. Likewise, check the site to see their rating. On the off chance that they don’t appear at all in the BBB database it is generally similarly as terrible as being severely evaluated.

Request Add up to Cost – There are few sorts of locksmith benefits that can’t be valued via telephone, however, it isn’t the situation for the most widely recognized ones. Here is the rundown that incorporates, however, isn’t constrained to, every one of the sorts of administrations that ought to be completely evaluated before inspiring somebody to turn out:

  • Auto Lockout (Any Vehicle)
  • House Lockout
  • Auto Key (Any Vehicle)
  • House Key
  • Bolt Re-Key

Organization Name Consistency – A significant number of the corrupt locksmith organizations utilize distinctive pseudonyms on their promotions to abstain from assuming liability for their activities. Along these lines on the off chance that somebody needs to post an awful survey about them, they won’t know their genuine organization name. When you call a locksmith utilizing a number from an advertisement, ask the administrator what is the name of the organization. On the off chance that the name does not coordinate the name on the promotion, that is a major warning. Respectable locksmith organizations will reliably remain behind one brand and will never take cover behind deceiving nom de plumes.

Expect Appropriate Treatment – The most ideal approach to knowing how much a locksmith organization esteems your business is by the way they address you. On the off chance that they are inconsiderate or rude via telephone, we profoundly encourage to call another person.

These four hints are awesome sift to filter out the awful folks and to enlist a trustworthy and fair locksmith organization. On the off chance that for reasons unknown, a professional arrives and tries to pull a preposterous value climb, instruct them to leave instantly. In the event that they attempt forcefully to charge an administration call, don’t fall into their trap. They delude you and you are not ethically nor lawfully committed to pay them a dime. When they leave to make a point to report them to the Better Business Agency and on the off chance that you have sufficient energy, do your part by notice different shoppers by posting audits on the web.

keyless entry to access the car

Not only the model of cars were advanced, even their key system also changed

At present all of them were very busy and running behind the time, the lifestyle and trend of the people were keeps on changing based on the current scenario and analyzing the needs of people lot of new model cars were introduced in the market by implementing latest technologies even their key system has changed. Nowadays, all the cars coming out with a smart key system in order to the advancement of traditional keys. In the old model cars, we have to use a key to unlock the car doors, we need to place the key correctly in the keyhole to open the car doors sometimes it won’t fit perfectly; it can get stacked in the keyhole or else it can be broken. In order to get rid of this issues and the improvement of technologies implemented keyless entry in cars

keyless entry to access the car

  • Keyless entry in the cars is very safe and lets everyone to get into the car easily and quickly.
  • The smart car key is completely different from the traditional key as it has only buttons not a key to lock or unlock the car doors.
  • Mostly the latest cars come with a short-range remote transmitter to transmit radio frequency signal to the receiver in the car to lock or unlock the doors.

Benefits of using keyless entry to access the car

The keyless entry to access the car possesses a lot of benefits as it is more safe and secured. While comparing with the use of traditional keys in cars the smart keys enable more security features nobody can open the door without keys and if anyone tries to open the door then the alarm will start to sound loud. This keyless entry system let you open your car doors in a short range so you can open your car doors easily without any struggle. With the help of this smart key system, all the doors of your car can be unlocked at a time. This allows many people to enter the car easily at the same time. The keyless entry will be very helpful at the time of bad weather conditions and while carrying huge loads as you can open the doors in a short distance so you no need to trouble with your car doors and can enter into the car quickly.


The price of going cheap when it comes to locks

The price of going cheap when it comes to locksThe price of locks would be varying frequently that too based on its type, size, and brand that they make use of it. Mostly it would differ based on the higher security locks like Banham and Ingersoll. It would also charge extra for traveling to your home where you can use them in a parking area. The labor, as well as broken charges, would be dependent.

The upvc have lock handles and cylinder and you can get them in different size. If in case any damage occurred then you have to call a trusted local locksmith to change them. In that case, you can able to make use of the normal once when compared to the double glazing company because its cost also would be different as like that.

The most common things that you want to know about the locksmith

The cost of hiring the locksmith would be about 152 dollars and it might be different based on the service and the needs. You have to call for three to four locksmiths for getting accurate rates only then you can pick up the best locksmiths. As well before selecting you to have to keep an interview and inquiry all the things and interview them and pick up one of the best once.

You must also know about the other things before picking the locksmith prices

  • First, you have to be aware of which locksmith company that is cheap as well as best. You must know all the possible ways to make use of them.
  • You can utilize them both day or night but the cost that you want to pay must be fixed. You must be careful about 24 hours rounded fixed labor rates.
  • Before starting your work you must clearly discuss and talk about whether they would claim the extra charges. It is because after doing your work if they claim then you have to pay the amount fully to them.
  • Even in this case the time is must when there is a time change then surely there would be fluctuation in the amount rates.

You must keep these all things in your mind before picking up the locksmith. Once when you picked up the correct once then sure your work would be completed 100%. You can also stay cool and relaxed because their team would take care of all things.