How Combination Locks Work

Combination Locks

If security is a main concern, some type of lock is required. There are many different locks that you can choose from, but a combination lock is often the best choice. It is time that you learned what a combination lock is exactly and when it is the best option. A combination lock is a bit unique in design, so it important that you know how it works if you want to be able to use it most effectively. If security is a concern, you need to make sure that you are fully informed.

Wheel Pack

One component of a combination lock is a wheel pack. This is something that comes standard on all combination locks. This means that if you are using a combination lock of any type, you can be sure that it has a wheel pack. A wheel pack is a set of wheels that work together to know the combination that will unlock the lock. This means that this type of lock also features a dial that is attached to a spindle. It is not a combination lock if it does not have these components. Knowing the combination is something that is required if you want the ability to unlock a combination lock.


It is important that you know the combination in order to unlock this type of lock. The combination is a sequence of numbers that can be achieved by spinning the dial on the lock. This means that one rotation around the dial is one number. You just continue the combination until you have put in all the numbers. If you use all the numbers in the right sequence, you will be able to unlock the lock using a combination. This means that the only way that you are able to unlock this lock is to know what the combination is or to have the ability to guess it correctly. One thing to note that is guessing a combination for this lock type is not easy, so it is a lock that is very secure.


This type of lock can be used in many different instances, but it is most often used as a lock for lockers. This means that people using a locker of any type often attach a combination lock to the locker toe ensure that it is secure. As long as you know the combo, you can unlock the lock.