Simple Lock Repair: Beginner’s Guide

Simple Lock Repair: Beginner’s Guide

So you’re dealing with faulty and broken locks but don’t have any idea how to fix them? You’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, fixing broken locks is really easy — that if you know how to do it right. Below we have provided some ways that will allow you to avoid calling a professional and fix your damaged locks by yourself. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Sticky lock lubrication

We can’t deny the fact that we use locks almost every day. And over time, locks tend to become sticky, and that is just normal since they are mechanical. Locks require a little lube in order to function properly and smoothly. You may think that lubricating a lock is as simple as spraying a light oil in the keyhole — that is where you are wrong. You will need to have the right lubricant to keep your locks in good condition.

It is greatly recommended for beginners to use a petroleum-based spray lubricant when it comes to lubricating locks. Fortunately, there are lots of petroleum-based spray lubricant out there, so you should not have a difficult time choosing the right product.

Removing a broken key

Removing a broken key in the lock can be done by everyone. All you need is a plier and you’re good to go. However, you may need to be careful during the whole process or you will cause more harm than good to your lock.

Start by gripping the end of the broken key and it should come off the lock instantly once done right. You may need to jiggle the key back and forth if it is not coming out easily. You should be able to remove the broken key off the lock after a few jiggles.

Doorknob is loose

A loose doorknob could cause lock problems, especially if not repaired immediately. Typically, all you need to is to simply tighten the screws until the doorknob is properly aligned. Inspect everything and look for loose screws. Make sure to check every screw and tighten all loose screws to keep the doorknob secure.

No matter how well you take care of your locks, there’s a time that an issue will occur. Above will help you figure out the main source of common lock problems and how to solve them.