Ways to Repair a Jammed Door Lock

A well-maintained door lock can keep you safe and protected from potential dangers such as intruders or burglars. However, if your lock is filled with dust, particles, and other things that could jam your lock, don’t expect it to function properly and protect you and your loved ones. Fortunately, you can easily fix a jammed lock within a few minutes using common household items. If you don’t want to spend lots of money to repair or replace your jammed lock, then read on. Here are some ways to repair your jammed door lock.

Use a key extractor

Using a key extractor is one of the best and safest ways to fix your jammed locks. These products are affordable and easy to use. They commonly come with an instruction so you should not have a hard time using it.

However, you want to make sure that you follow all the steps properly or you’ll only cause more harm than good to your locks. Thoroughly read the instruction and have all the required tools ready before you proceed to avoid making mistakes during the extraction process.

Lubricate your locks

Not lubricating your locks is bad. After all, it’s very important to lubricate your locks at least once or twice a year if you want them to work properly and last for years. Lubricating locks can help remove all the dirt, dust, and particles inside your lock.

These particles are what typically caused your locks to jam, and you want to remove them for your locks to function smoothly. Thankfully, you can easily unjam your locks by simply lubricating it on a regular basis.

And when lubricating locks, make sure to use the right lubricant to achieve the best result. You will need to spray the lubricant evenly to eliminate all the debris inside the lock. To make it easier for you to lubricate your locks, just insert a key and try to jiggle it.

Disassemble the lock

If you are having a hard time cleaning your jammed locks, try to disassemble it first. You’ll be able to easily and quickly clean the inside mechanism of your lock if it is not installed on your door. However, this method can be a little difficult and confusing, especially if you don’t know how to disassemble locks.

There are many ways to repair a jammed door lock. Use these tips as a guide to make it a lot easier for you to fix your clogged locks.

Ways to Repair a Jammed Door Lock